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Skin Tags At
A Glance

skin tags are common yet harmless skin growths.

They are frequently found on the eyelids, neck, chest, armpits, and groin, but can occur anywhere on the body

Treatments include freezing, tying off with a thread or suture, cutting off and other non-evasive safe methods

Skin Tags (cutaneous papilloma)

Skin tags are very common, and many of us are born with them. Skin tags are benign excess pieces of normal skin and in newborns consist of tissue remaining following embryological development. In most cases skin tags cause no problems in life and are only of a cosmetic concern. They can easily and safely be removed in nearly all situations. In some cases babies are born with skin tags just in front of the ears. in some cases these tags can be an indication of potential hearing problems, although rare it does happen.

Skin Tag

Skin tags may be either smooth or irregular. Their colors may match your flesh tone, or sometimes have a more deep pigmentation, similar to that of a mole. They can either be slightly raised above the skin, or have a stalk (a peduncle) and hang down slightly.

Common locations for skin tags include the neck, under the arms, underneath breasts, around the groin, or on the inside of the upper thigh area; however, they can occur just about anywhere.

Anyone is susceptible to skin tags, however it is most common in middle aged women. In many cases newborns have skin tags.

Skin tags are similar to tumors in the sense that they are both growths. The big difference is that skin tags are benign and harmless.

Typically skin tags cause no problems other than cosmetic, or if the skin tags is regularly irritated. If you have a skin tag which is bothering there are means for removal. There are a number of ways including natural non-evasive methods, as well as freezing the tag with liquid nitrogen, cutting off with a scalpel, or tying it off to cut off the blood supply. For a completely safe and non-evasive method to removing unwanted skin tags there is an e-book published by Chris Gibson which may help you remove your unwanted skin tags. You can find this e-book here.